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Everywhere you turn there is someone selling you the latest shiny object, the latest secret weapon to success, or some new technology that is a "game changer." That's why Jay and Michael, who have collectively sold more than 6,270 homes over the past two decades, got into the business of helping real estate agents who are serious about building a business. You see, they bought all the same stuff you did and at the end of the day - there was still something missing. They wanted to have more freedom, more time at the lake, more time with family, more time without having to worry about the business. Have you ever felt that way? It seemed like the bigger the business was, the busier they got. Once they cracked the code to building a business that works harder for you than you do for it, they developed a methodology. They built proven, repeatable systems they could help any agent implement. The results? Staggering. Their strategies have helped some of the most legendary agents in the industry go from being stuck to being free. Jay and Michael are making a ding in the real estate universe and are widely respected as two of the industry's most innovative thought leaders.

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